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Public Housing Authority

Given that there are many Section 8 housing programs across the country and that HUD is limited in being able to service all of them properly, the department often chooses to act through local Public Housing Authorities (PHAs). Under an Annual Contributions Contract (ACC), a PHA can apply to take over HUD's responsibilities for a given region and service any local properties administered under Section 8. These responsibilities include conducting occupancy reviews, paying monthly rent to Section 8 owners, adjusting rents when necessary, and many other tasks associated with maintaining and administering a contract for a Section 8 property. Given the proximity and lean nature of many PHAs, it is often easier to work with them, since they are local and quick to respond.

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Program Types

There are a number of sub-programs that fall under Section 8 and it's important to understand the differences among them. See descriptions below to learn about some of these programs. 

Contract Administrator

Knowing the administrator of your loan contract can make a huge difference in your ability to interact with them.